How it works


Mary applies for her first credit card. Mary's credit report lacks the data needed for underwriting. Mary is declined.

Consumers without a history of credit may be declined for financial products.

The credit card issuer who declined Mary's application invites her to find a credit card using Scorenomics' BeyondMyScore.


Mary answers a few questions regarding her financial situation, her financial knowledge and how she would solve various financial problems.


Using this new information, Scorenomics' risk model predicts that Mary will be a responsible borrower. Scorenomics matches Mary to various other credit cards similar to the one for which she originally applied.

Example of Scorenomics' question to determine a consumer's creditworthiness

Mary applies for a credit card from one of Scorenomics' partners for which she has high odds of being approved.


Because Mary has a low Scorenomics' risk score, her application is approved even though a traditional credit score could not be calculated from her credit report.

Scorenomics provides an opportunity for previously declined consumers to obtain financial products that meet their needs.