Creditworthiness is about more than payments

Transaction-based underwriting helped lenders augment how they see consumers. We believe consumer contributed data will be the next big orthogonal source of data.

A consumer answers a few questions, right from their phone, that can help determine creditworthiness.

Scorenomics creates variables reflecting:

Consumers can feel like they're fighting an uphill battle on their own.

Specific situation

What's the human context of a consumer's finances? Are they a recent graduate starting a career, or someone recently divorced?

How well does a consumer understand financial topics that affect them.

Financial literacy

How well does a consumer understand financial topics that affect them.

How does a consumer's value system affect their financial decisions.

Value system

What's the consumer's philosophy when it comes to personal responsibility or holding debt?

What kind of mindset does a consumer have towards their finances?

Mindset and behavioral patterns

Does the consumer believe they have the potential for self-improvement? Can they make rational decisions despite stress?

Consumers contribute by responding to a few quick questions.

Collected from consumers

We assess creditworthiness based on how consumers answer simple questions

The user experience is dynamic to avoid consumer gaming.


We take a complex, multi-layered approach to ensuring data accurately reflects ability to repay

Many facets of the consumer experience are carefully planned out through extensive research.


Data reflects the latest understanding from academic and industry research

Scorenomics data is not meant to replace your existing data, rather be supplemental.


Consumer contributed data can segment within bands created with advanced algorithms, traditional and alternative data

Road tested scores

All of our leads come attached with a Scorenomics risk rating generated by observing real payment performance of consumers who contributed data.

Scorenomics data can help tell which of your declines are creditworthy.