Do more with and for your credit deficient consumers

Organizations work hard to acquire consumers, but have limited offerings for those consumers with low or no credit scores. With BoostMyScore, you can get paid each time a consumer begins a credit building journey, and market to them once their profile improves.

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Maximize conversions with tailored recommendations

Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all approach, our proprietary recommendation engine matches consumers to the best credit-building product based on their profile, achieving higher conversions and better payout for you.

Monitor your consumers’ trajectory

We work with you to monitor your consumers’ trajectory on their credit building journey. We also find out what products consumers will want and on what timeframe, enabling you to better target consumers once their profile improves.

Maintain a relationship with the consumer as they improve their credit
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Convert more consumers into customers

With some of our credit building options, up to 20% of all consumers referred to BoostMyScore could become eligible for underwriting within 3 months.

Get started with no integration

Getting started is as easy as inserting a URL into a declination page, an account portal, or an email, and requires no PII or data transfer.

BoostMyScore's implementation is a snap