Approve more consumers safely

BeyondMyScore generates real time data that gives lenders the ability to optimize traditional scoring models, as well as insight into consumers’ payment behavior. Behavioral data supports the traditional underwriting process by providing additional analytical tools that increase consumer approval rates without increasing the risk of default. Download BeyondMyScore Product Sheet

Scorenomics App applies behavior science to engaging and interactive lessons

A leg up where credit scores fall short

BeyondMyScore generates a new, reliable score at the point of transaction. With this score, you can safely identify the true creditworthiness of consumers across all credit bands, including the non-banked (thin file and no file) even when traditional credit scores say otherwise.

Get a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line

Acquiring each new consumer can cost north of $400. What if you didn’t have to decline so many of your applicants? With BeyondMyScore, one client is now approving 50% of narrowly declined consumers.

Increase Loan Bookings with Improved Underwriting
Consumers who complete BeyondMyScore love the experience and appreciate their financial institution for the offer

Acquire new - and loyal - customers

Customers love BeyondMyScore's 10-minute experience and appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate their creditworthiness.

Pursue new, fully compliant strategies with minimal integration

BeyondMyScore's easy API implementations means your organization can gain access to our data and predictive models in a matter of hours.

BeyondMyScore's API makes implementation a snap