BackOnTrack® Triage

Identify which early-stage delinquencies require the most attention

With BackOnTrack Triage, collections teams decrease write-offs by segmenting early-stage delinquencies whose risk otherwise looks identical.

Screenshots of the BackOnTrack Triage user experience

Create effective early-stage treatments

Too often, collections teams approach early stage delinquencies with one-size fits all solutions. Our triage tool enables teams to quickly ask crucial information from consumers and alter their treatment based on risk and persona.

Predict roll-forward risk

BackOnTrack Triage data provides new, additive information that helps collection groups prioritize outreach. Collections groups can improve efficacy, customer retention and reduce costs.

BackOnTrack data segments roll rates by risk score
People are different and need solutions unique to their situation

Empathize with consumer’s circumstances in real-time

BackOnTrack Triage reveals the context of a delinquency and codifies this information as personas that can help your collectors demonstrate empathy and make better decisions.